Sound Design

Sound is the glue which holds your visual narrative together. Good sound design is integral to maintaining a cohesive story, from mood setting ambience to crystal clear dialog to a balanced mix which effectively disguises each cut to maintain your audience's suspension of disbelief.

The process starts with clean and attentive recording during production and continues to the studio, where applicable foley, ADR and other sound elements are created and edited into the mix. Original music highlighting the tone, theme and emotional journey of your project is the last piece of the puzzle, as your sound mix is completed according to your specific broadcast needs.


Editing is said to be an invisible art, a craft which expresses its excellence most when unnoticed by the audience. Editing is the art of constraints: what is the most effective way to tell this story with clarity, passion, and thematic resonance given the footage shot and desired runtime?

Organization and attention to detail are key in editing and crucial to efficient turnaround times, whether a rough cut or final revision. Each progressive edit will be viewable to you online and password-protected for your privacy. Your final cut will be exported for your project's specific delivery needs: on the web, local or cable broadcast, or destined for the big screen.


Graphics can add that extra punch to get your message across. Establishing your brand identity or visually communicating information by including concise and compelling graphics can enhance the impact and entertainment value of your project.

Motion graphics and visual cues are most effective when they adhere to the tone and context of your project. Graphics shouldn't be showstoppers but rather an organic extension of your narrative, an entertaining and aesthetically coherent toolset to help deliver your message. Whether it's 3d motion graphics, lower third elements or elegant credits, your visuals will shine.

About Me

I've had the pleasure to work on projects as varied as feature films, long form corporate video, political ads, live events and conferences, award-winning short films, and a television pilot. No matter where your project is headed, if its a long or short form narrative or corporate video, the same attention to detail and dedication to the highest quality in sound, editing and graphics will be used to see your project through to the final cut.

My current software skill set, continually expanding, includes:

  • Adobe Suite (Premeire, After Effects, Speed Grade, Encore)
  • Apple Suite (Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, DVD Studio Pro)
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Dedicated Audio Noise Reduction Software


Creative Work

At-Risk Summer Feature Documentary Editing, Sound Design, Graphics
Josephine Doe Feature Film Sound Recordist
Jacob's Paradox Short Film Sound Recordist, Sound Design
Clever Girl Short Film Sound Recordist, Sound Design
Revelation Theatre Sound Design
The Officials Television Pilot Editing, Graphics, Sound Recordist, Sound Design, Original Score
The Good Fight Short Film Sound Recordist, Sound Design, Original Score
Fat Angie Book Trailer Sound Recordist
Home Feature Film Editing, Graphics, Sound Design, Original Score
A Handful of Pennies Short Film Sound Recordist, Sound Design
Take On Me
by Shiny and the Spoon
Music Video Graphics
The Barren Spring Feature Film Editing, Graphics, Sound Recordist, Sound Design
Inhumanwich Feature Film Sound Recordist
Turn Short Film Sound Recordist, Sound Design, Original Score
Boys Will Be Boys Short Film Sound Recordist, Sound Design, Original Score
Call Me Short Film Sound Design, Original Score
Bubbly Web Series Sound Recordist, Sound Design
One Day Summer Short Film Sound Recordist, Sound Design
<3 Short Film Sound Design
Bubbly Short Film Sound Recordist, Sound Design

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